G2bux Offers Unique Ways of Making Money

With G2bux there are myriad ways of earning a home-based income using various modules like jobs, business cards, answers and product reviews, using a single login and password.

Of the countless money making websites on the Internet, G2bux.com is a site worth checking out because it offers a wide range of modules to make money. The basic concept of G2bux is to monetize the information that people give away for free to many dot com corporations who makes money but does not involve the contributors – the people. The main idea behind the Los Altos-based social networking and money making website (G2bux.com) is: why not let users convert the information they give away free to make money for themselves?

To this effect G2bux has set up several modules such as Reviews, Answers, Business Cards, Predictions, Blogs, News Blogs, Groups, Petitions, Think Tank, Job Search, Personals, Paid Emails, etc. Users earn points which can be converted to real money by entering information into any of these modules.

Users can log in on G2bux every day, write a few reviews, post a few blogs, add a few business cards, predict on upcoming issues/events, add some think tank articles and keep accumulating G2points to their account, which can be converted to cash when it reaches the 2000 mark, i.e., $ 100. It is an ideal source of income for those who would like to work from home and earn a steady income. Many users are making money on G2bux.com and they include war veterans, housewives and students. There is no pre-requisite qualification to join.

What’s so Special about G2bux?

All these modules can be accessed with a single username and password. That gives users of G2bux the unique facility of multi-tasking in the various modules without having to exit and log in again into another website.

The G2bux concept of making money online

Besides the benefits mentioned above, users get a free Million Dollar Page on signing up. They also get 100 G2points on registering, which is equivalent to $ 5.

Alex Tew set up a Million Dollar Page (MDP) to put him through college. But first, he had to invest a lot of money into programming, promotions, and, well, he had a bit of programming knowledge to start with. He made a million dollars online! But what if the user is a complete blank in programming? When it comes to using the Internet, yes, the ordinary net surfer can create an email account, but he/she doesn’t have the knowledge and resources to put up a Million Dollar Site.

As a user of G2bux.com one doesn’t need programming knowledge. G2bux gives users a free Million Dollar Page! Yes, it does all the programming interfaces, designing and functionalities involved and give its users their own Million Dollar Page.

All the user has to do is to popularize their Million Dollar Page among his/her friends and friends of friends and keep writing review of products and services. Sooner or later advertisers who are on the look out for influential profiles on G2bux will discover the user and advertise on their Million Dollar Pages. The revenue earned by the site is shared with users!

G2bux has several modules where a user can enter information and earn points called G2point. These G2points can then be converted into cash when it reaches the threshold of 2000 G2points.

The following are the various modules of G2bux through which a member can earn G2points and money:


The G2bux jobs module is unique in that it shares certain portion of what it earns with the job seeker. This is a feature that none of the other job search sites have. It also has detailed search interface to choose the right candidate.

Business Cards

In the Business Cards module, users can input visiting card information of their contacts and keep a permanent record of their contacts online. Besides, if anyone wants to buy the information, a part of the income is shared with the card owner.


The answers module is a place to ask a question and receive intelligent answers from knowledgeable members of G2bux. Points are awarded for answering questions.


G2bux has a personal module with a difference. Dating sites charge around $30 or more per month just to upload user’s profile and connect to other people. G2bux doesn’t charge for uploading profiles. Using G2bux personals, users can make money by having prospective suitors contact them.

Product/Service Reviews

A wide array of product reviews await users of G2bux, a vast range which covers practically every known brand, be they of Indian, Japanese, American, or, Korean origin. Product reviews also have a suggestions text box where a reviewer can write suggestions for the manufacturer of the product or provider of the service. Users can earn points for writing reviews.

Paid Emails

Bored of deleting spam emails? G2Bux actually pays email readers to read them. Users have a chance to make money, by just reading emails sent to their inboxes. So, every second the user spends going through his/her mail box is valuable and can earn money.


Online petitions are a way of building up opinion against social injustices, unjust laws, inappropriate legislations, drawing attention to local issues, etc. G2bux’s free petition module has unique features to create and manage petitions.

Think Tank

A think tank is a forum for building opinion and discussing issues of concern, both locally and internationally. Think Tanks function across a wide spectrum; be they environmental, local, or, social. It functions on a basic level as a discussion board on which users can earn points.


Users can play Nostradamus on this module. Make a prediction and let other users agree or disagree with the prediction. Results of the prediction, i.e., those in agreement and disagreement, can be viewed in real time.


One of the important functionalities of G2bux is web logs. Also called blogs, they are daily musings, thoughts and observations. Anyone can post their thoughts, opinions, and humorous pieces on blogs and earn points and money.

News Blogs

News media’s coverage of events and issues come with their own biased viewpoint. With News Blogs users can give their own slant to news items they read in the papers, or, watch on television, and earn points.


In other social networking sites users can create a group only if they are premium members. On G2bux anyone can create a group and enlist members. The creator of the group is the moderator who can add delete members and moderate the discussion, which includes administration rights.


Most social networking sites except Flickr and Picasaweb have limitation on the number of photos users can post on their sites. G2bux has no limitation on the number of pictures and albums users can create, and earn points.


The humungous collection of jokes on G2bux is classified into section for users to laugh at when they need a respite from work, or, from more pressing matters. There are jokes that can be quoted at a dinner party and at a picnic outing. So, it’s worth a look if you are planning either.

People make lists for all sorts of events and happenings. Such lists can be uploaded to G2bux to earn points.


Upload a recipe in the recipe module of G2bux and earn points. You can write the description of the preparation and recipe ingredients separately, and earn points.

Financial Advisor

This is the place where users share financial and investment tips with other members. If the user has made an investment which turned out to be a multi-bagger then this is the module to pass the advice to other members, and earn points.

Dating Stories

For those who have been on disastrous dates and on blind dates with absolutely loony people, this is the module. Users can enter their dating stories here and earn points.


Many a times we have a great idea buzzing in our brains that no one seems to have thought about. Why not share it? Innovations is the right forum for sharing great ideas for products, concepts, and ideas. It is also the place to share information about new technological innovations currently making the rounds.

www.G2bux.com has a wide range of functionalities for earning points and, therefore, money, all accessible with one login name and password.

One Remote Click is all it takes to get your Job Done

Most business owners today find that their hands are tied and they hardly have enough time to complete the tasks at hand. The acute need for efficient assistants to share your work is keenly felt, however, the question is how many assistants can you afford to hire? Moreover will they be efficient in all the varied tasks you will need to assign to them? Well, the answer is an emphatic no. Hence, the only answer is to hire a virtual assistant who’ll be an-all-in one factotum who can carry out all the tasks assigned without asking too many questions.

Sounds too good to be true, but this is true, welcome to the world of virtual assistant services where you can find an assistant who can work remotely and carry out the tasks with amazing alacrity. Otherwise also known as administrative assistants (though the nomenclature sounds quite inadequate) these virtual assistants work either from their homes or at the offices of some of the best virtual assistant companies that are there to help harried business persons who are in distress almost every other day.

Right from electronic filing and keeping your files in perfect order to following up on leads that end up as definite conversions more often than not, these virtual assistants work tirelessly to make your business a winning proposition. They are especially suited for people sitting in their cluttered offices, not knowing how to go about clearing up the chaos that stares them in the face every day. That’s where the virtual assistant comes in with a magic wand and accomplishes something you’ve struggled with for too long. They are adept at organizing all your activities in such a way that they can work with you without you even realizing there is a person sitting at a remote location helping out with day-to-day affairs of your office or business.

Some tasks that virtual assistants excel at:

Creating an e-book and help publishing it

Supporting your realty business with tips and leads

DTP or desk top publishing and data entry

Creating excel spreadsheets and organizing data

Writing articles or blogs to divert more traffic towards your site

Manage your social media accounts/pages

Help spruce up your website

Help with data mining through Internet research

Many other tasks that any full-time assistant would do

How does one get all this and more done? Outsource your tasks to one of the best virtual assistant companies, with an adept team of virtual assistants working around-the-clock. You don’t need to provide them a desk or any office space, nor do they need to be provided PCs or laptops. What’s more interesting is that there are no taxes to worry about, nor do you have to break your head about providing insurance coverage. Although there are the charges that need to be paid, you don’t have to worry about recurring payroll tax expenses, nor are there any employee benefits that you will have to prepare. Hence, make the smart decision and check what more Infognana has to offer by way of virtual assistant services today.

Online Marketing services – 5 Most Essential Preparations Before Venturing Into Online Market

The world is developing rapidly, and with this is the growing demand of online users for receiving all sorts of solutions at their fingertips. Be it a product or a service, web users want everything to be available online with ease and comfort. This demand for online availability of products and services encourages different entrepreneurs to start their own online marketing services. In this article, we will discuss about 5 essential marketing services that will help in the preparation for venturing into the local, or even global, online market!

#1: Web Trend Analysis: Before embarking into any type of online business, it’s most important to analyze the marketing trend in order to compete with the other online businesses. There are a lot of white papers and Big-Data available online which can offer you detailed insight about the trend of the niche business segment. This can help in the analysis and decision-making with regards to the proposed marketing plan. There are marketing services which can also offer you detailed data about the web trend and forecasting the market.

#2: Website: Of course, when you want to market your product or services online, you need a website. A cleverly designed website with easy functionality and accessibility makes all the difference. User-experience and user-friendliness matter a lot for most web users, hence your website needs to be rendered flawlessly for one user to seamlessly go to and from a mobile device and their laptops or desktops. You can also request for the help of professional web developers and some marketing services companies to build your own website.

#3: Payment Gateway: When you are out to sell your product and services online, you must provide the users a few easy options for payment gateways. There are virtually hundreds of options available online, which can be selected and installed on your website’s check-out page. Marketing services companies offer deeper insight about the preferred payment gateways for clients. Also, they will help you to choose the right payment gateway for your website’s checkout page.

#4: Web Optimization: Having a good website and displaying your products and services won’t suffice when you want to gain the attention of the online visitors, unless they are marketed appropriately. Hence, while planning for a brand launch online, one must take care of website optimization through technologies like Search Engine Optimization, On-page Optimization and Image Optimization. With the help of expert marketing services, web optimization starts showing its results through the amount of organic visitors in the website, improving the chances of business conversion.

#5: Maintaining Online Reputation: The reputation of an online business is one of the most important factors that one should never take for granted. A single complaint or bad review about the products and services you offer is enough to divert the attention of the visitors; especially during the start up period. Therefore, a strict vigil has to be maintained while operating a business online. Regular follow-up with the complaints, if any, and until their resolutions. Social Media Profiles of any online business must be regularly addressed to clients’ comments and their queries.

Proper marketing services require dedicated planning and execution. Planning in advance and budgeting accordingly can help in establishing a brand identity that can offer better results with better revenues.

3 Online Jobs You Can Start Right Away

There are a lots of business opportunities available on the web that anybody can join and start making money. If you plan on starting an online money making business you have to put your capacities and needs into consideration.

Internet jobs are somehow similar to our local/offline jobs. Running them effectively can be very challenging, time consuming, and also requires a lot of commitment. It will be of great benefit to you in the long run if you can figure out what you need to be doing to get paid before going with any Internet business opportunity that you come across, you need to be fully prepared for the challenges that lies ahead.

Here are some of the most common internet business opportunities that you can start doing right away.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses that you can start doing right away. As an internet marketer, you can either sell your own products or be an affiliate (referring customers to buy another person’s product, you earn a commission whenever your referral makes a purchase) You need the right information to become successful with internet marketing and this you can learn directly from other successful marketers or through research.

Online Paid Surveys

Joining paid survey sites is a good way to start earning some few dollars everyday. There are many survey companies on the internet that will pay you for giving your opinion and reviews about products and services. Online paid surveys doesn’t require much experience or expertise and any newbie can easily start making money on the internet by completing such offers. You have to sign up to as many survey websites you come across and also try as much as you can to complete every offer, this will increase your earnings.

Freelance Writing

One of the best ways to start making money on the internet is by becoming a freelance writer. If you are a very good writer then I think freelancing will be a good option for you to consider. You can write articles and research contents for websites that may need such services and get paid for it. Such services are exceedingly sought after nowadays and the payouts is far better when compared to some other online businesses. There are some free websites on the internet where you can easily get a paid writing job, sites like freelancewritinggigs.com and elance.com.

SELECT THE BEST PRICE WEB APPLICATION, for website development and business growth

Applications for on-line transactions hence websites can be developed professionally and business growth is smooth

The new methods and sources are encouraged. The field of Web application developers and programmers is increasing daily. The software can be accessed by a browser over the network by an internet. The web applications are enhanced with software installed only on the server and not other client computers. The functions like on-demand Web services, on-line retail sales, on-line auctions etc are implemented by Applications. As internet made its stand in the global market its users kept on increasing. EG: Business to Business dealings from one corner to another. The secure and private networks are established for business transactions.

The application infrastructure is responsible for jobs like bank transactions, a large scale Web services network used to control information and financial transactions globally. An effective web application is the need of the hour. A web development firm has to develop web applications for client satisfaction.
Web application development is an art of expert team

The web application development process has 4 stages:

1. Identify the aim of the project.

2. Planning

3. Development process

4. Testing to find the performance of the project.

The web development firm needs to keep an eye on programming and latest technology use. The client has to be provided an expert programmer for the purpose.

Select the best phone application on the basis of functionality

1. 2Do: A user specific task handler and ‘to do’ list application. The advanced user interface and latest version to support coordination with website like outlook.

2. Evernote: The notes are created in different forms. These need to be organized and presented. The presentation is simple and layout of text, images, videos are attractive.

3. Dropbox: All important photos and documents can be accessed by this application.

4. LogMeIn Ignition: The application suitable for easy and maintaining security controlling desktop.

5. Keynote Remote: The presentation and development of slides.

6. Document To Go: The user specific MS Office document. The keyboard facility.

7. WorldCard Mobile: The application handles business cards. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is being used.

8. Flight Track Pro: The flight data is imported automatically from any airline confirmation email. The latest changes are reflected instantly.

9. Dragon Dictation: A user-friendly and voice-to-text transcriptions received in the form of sms, email.

10. Tips and Tricks: A guide which is a reflection of shortcuts and useful information.

The best pricing format on the basis of status of firms

The financial dealings could be decided in many ways. Price Penetration strategies for a small organization to get a foot hold in a large market. The best way to attract customers. A Differentiation Pricing strategy for a well established firm. A premium finalization for customer attraction and brand enhancement. A Cost-Plus pricing method to increase the cost of production. The aim is to increase the profit of business which is generally used by the organization.
Summary of Web application development

The web application development takes place for on-line business transactions and financial dealings. The development takes place by step by step method. The applications are designed for various purposes like coordination with websites, notes presentation, photos accessibility etc. The different strategies are adopted by firms for pricing. Every strategy possess an advantage at its level.

MOBILE SHOPS, a hub of different sophisticated phones useful in different activities like business and entertainment

On-line mobile sale is a common process as choices are large with variety of features

The mobile phone is a device which has brought a revolution in communication aspect. It is a routine to buy a mobile phone on the internet since many devices are available with advanced features.

The many sites sell mobiles with great offers. The expert view on handset is a guide for the customer to choose. The mobiles can be compared in terms of rate and features to choose an appropriate one. The shopping has become easy, taking quick decision and buying by a click of a button. The on-line buying of phone saves time and in financial aspect is profitable.
On-line buying is a boon to get original products from manufacturing firm

By on-line shopping the customers get a variety of cell phones which differ in terms of shapes, sizes and features with attractive offers. The freedom of selecting the item with in financial limit, specific model and brand of one’s choice. By a button click one is exposed to different brands and their offers. The product explanation in detail is helpful to select an appropriate choice as all features are explained in detail. The choice of favorite color is also available. The sale takes place directly from the company so no whole sellers or retailers are involved. Mobility shops are an asset for freedom of individuals and supplier for mobile people to be self dependent.
On-line mobile shopping websites are an asset in providing different mobile phones as per user requirement

The usability of mobile phones has been increasing day by day. The production and sale methods have been continuously updating. The use of internet on mobile phone has been increasing every day. The on-line shopping websites are used for shopping products on-line possessing unique features. Many websites are available to sale mobile phones with various price ranges. The websites are user specific, possess easy accessibility, searching technique is easy. The website presentation depends on the way the head has to attract the customers. The on-line owners should always provide accurate and updated price list. A proper comparison link is provided by a good on-line shopping website. The offers, contest and deals are displayed by on-line mobile shopping websites to attract customers.

Easy ways of making money

ou always need to be keen about how you can improve your income, apart from doing your job or business; the people are found to be always concerned about getting extra money to have savings for themselves. Now with the widespread of internet technology, it is easy to generate money even working from your home. All you need to do is to have a good internet connection with you so you can connect with your connections and clients easily. You always need to search out ways as to how you can improve your income.E-Products Selling

It is easy to sell out software on the internet. There are antivirus software, application software and different types of other software that you can sell on the internet. You can sell out e-books, research and different types of academic and professional tools to the variety of customers. It is easy to sell E-products as they don’t cause damage during the delivery process. Also, the freight charges are not inclusive in this process. In case a person wants to return a product, the product can be returned easily and without any issue. In the past the application software were available on CD’s, you need to purchase a CD if you want to have that software. But once you purchase an E-product, you will be provided with a link that you need to follow to download the demanded software on your PC.E-mail Marketing

You can engage yourself in email marketing. For that purpose probably you would be marketing software or hardware items. You can get in touch with different sorts of distributors to purchase their products on demand. Now you need to throw out emails to the majority of customers on a daily basis, probably few of them will be attracted towards your offerings and more of the chances are that they will buy your product. You need to provide discounted prices on product offerings. Once they get the discounted rate and easy home delivery services, they will be more attracted to buy your products. You need to provide them with telephonic and email support. The more you facilitate your clients, the more of the chances are that you get the sales. This concept is spreading far and wide nowadays there are more of the people who are attracted to start reseller sites online. You can get more details at: buyadsenseaccountz

Adsense is one of the best ways to bring you a passive income online.

How to Create an E business site?

A future e-entrepreneur has lots of choices for creating his or her e-commerce business. It’s significant first to make a business plan, which should comprise the following key ingredients:

Choosing your market
Choosing pricing the products you will present
Decisive how you will obtain the products to your clients
Picking a area for your website
Creating and hosting your web portal
Choosing the shopping cart software to handle your e-store
Preparing for payment processing
Creating conditions for returning of the product and various customer support

These points are significantly important in finding out the success of your online business. If you do not aware how to carry out these activities, it’s still possible to develop successful E business site, but you’ll surely assistance. One can easily outsource the activities. Additionally, there are various coaching programs as well as instructional courses that will help you in knowing everything you need to know.

Choosing your market

E-commerce businesses may select a market they are common with or have a similarity for, but from a business point of view it’s more significant to find a market or function with sufficient demand, but not extra competition, so that their hoped return on investment makes logic.

Products and Shipping

The Internet helps everyone to access suppliers and vendors all over the world who you can bond with to buy the item(s) you prepare on selling. Simply make shopping and find a good deal on heavy orders of the item(s) in order to make huge profit. Different vendors will bring discounts with people who order in big quantities. You should confirm that the vendor is open, offers rush shipping orders, and is confirmed.

Creating as well as Hosting your Website / E-Store

With the fame of e-commerce web sites came many innovative web site hosting companies. You will wish to discover a reliable, customer supported web hosting service to abide your web site. You can also look for free web-hosting services, though paid web hosts, including Hostgator, normally offer additional web space, the aptitude to handle a great contract of traffic, and the aptitude to manage a merchant account for credit cards E business site.

For better results, contact It consulting services where managing things would be easier. Another great store is the web hosting company you select – more often than not, they have a design team prepared to create web portal for their customers.

Make Money on Internet questions and answers

Does anyone know of a legit instrument to make money on the internet, for example surveys etc?
no, ive been lookin too. stocks are good but fees end up nearly $10 per trade. takes a few hundred to start. the surveys are a sham. typist, if you can type 80+wpm & 100% accuracy, you’ll other have a job.

Does anyone know of a legitmate route to make money on the internet lacking investing my own money?
I’m looking for an opportunity that does not require a credit card to participate & that is genuine. No scam please. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m willing to put surrounded by my time & effort & am a hard working person. Thank you surrounded by advance to all who respond….

Does anyone know of a track to make money on the internet to be exact not a scam?
I really wanted to work from home from my computer and have investigated many, plentiful work at home jobs. I am now so discouraged that I just don’t believe anything on the network anymore. Has anyone else just given up? I think I’ve just more or less had enough and will quit trying to find anything legitimate on the trellis anymore!

Does anyone know of any free or cheap lawful ways to make money on the Internet?
I am making money through creating content and generating traffic. You can start a blog and then add adsense over your blog, promote your blog through different directories which will cost you nothing. After that you can sign on different affliated programs such as YPN or google adsense, the…

Easiest Way to make money on the internet?
What is the easiest way to make money on the internet? I dont mean Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher! But Is there any other Affiliate programs that Let you tag on their ads on your website and get paid?

Everydaypeople make millions on the internet. What’s the easiest path to make money on the internet?
The internet connects millions ofpeople all over the way. They must be a relatively easy opening tomake legitimate money. Anybody have an idea what it is?

Facebook chat to paper (ChatToText) is legit? online money making + make money on the internet (how to)?
What do you guys think about this money making / cell phone texting scheme? It looks extremely interesting to me. http://www.chattotext.com/amember/go.php… that link will direct you straight to a video that explains it… please post back here

Have you used dosh lagoon to make money on the internet?
What did you think about it? would you recommend I join? Is it better/worse than cashcrate, inboxdollars, mypoints, etc? Is in that spyware?

Hey how do i make money on the internet surrounded by uk? so i capture remunerated contained by pounds?
I have looked at a lot of sites tht offer u money but they are mostly contained by dollars so how can i get paid in pounds?

How can a 13 year dated guy make money on the internet?
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How can a 13 year frail make money on the internet?
i need to really make some money i joined a site called yuwe and i requirement another one please don’t give me a website that dosn’t thats a scam or needs money or credit card number

How can a 13 year old-fashioned make money on the internet?
I need enough money for a macbook (lb700) but including birthdays and christmas i’ll probably only obligation lb300. Please could you not suggest Ebay.

How to make money on the internet?
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How to make money on the internet?
please can anyone give me an info on how to makegenuine money on the internet. please i dont want to visit anybody’s blog i need a apt website i can use in making money from the internet. and it should be a free money making opportunity because i am tired of all the scams.

How can an English lang. professor make money on the internet?
I work at a school, but want to earn more money. Any ideas about what I can do on the web? By the way, English is my second language, not native.

How can an English lang. trainer make money on the internet?
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How can anyone make money on the Internet?
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I decided to state home business on the internet I need to know does it take 1000 dollars or 3000 dollars

How to become an associate contributor next to google to make money on the internet?
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How to make money on the internet ?
real cash i want it to help buy some epquiment for my business

How to make money on the internet in need investment?
how can i make money with my website and i am free at home so i can do a lot of work for ne 1

How to make money on the Internet in need own funds?
Are there serious Help Programmes that don’t just take your money and transport you useless Books?

How to make money on the internet next to out buying stock?
not some 2k in 30 Min’s just a reasonable right legal way

How to make money on the internet when your below 18?
i was wondering if and how to make money on the internet when your under 18?

How to make money on the internet…(paid via paypal)?
I want to know how to make money on the Internet by completing surveys and stuff like that without having to put out closely of information. I need atleast $20-50 a week to pay for the favor points on Myspace Mobsters. *If I can make money for free, it should be easy to grasp favor points, get energy boosts, and advance though lvls…

How to make money on the internet? (uk)?
i believe its easy to make cash online by doing questionairs and surveys. if so whats the best company, is it poorly paid? how long does it run?

How to Make Money? Here’s How on the Internet

Think about how to make moneyby online .The internet is home to every shade of opportunities. You can sell and buy almost anything on the web and therein lies the opportunities to take a slice of the pie. Some of the more lucrative opportunities are in independent contracting where your skills are on offer to the highest bidder.

The explosion of web 2.0 applications has demanded skills that can keep these applications running smoothly. The interlinking of mobile applications to the web has added to the demand.
Multimedia skills

Web 2.0 applications rely heavily on high definition graphics and videos. Your skills as a video maker will serve you well in landing a lucrative contract. Web design skills in designing dynamic websites that can handle multimedia are also marketable on freelance sites like Upwork

You can make money from your graphics design skills by designing high quality graphics for sale on freelance sites like Fiverr. Logo design for companies is a good money maker as many new businesses are always on the lookout for logos that standout.
Mobile apps

Mobile app development is also very profitable. As more clients acquire mobile devices instead of desktop computers, the need for applications that can help connect with them increases. If you can make apps that are optimized for social networking then you are in for good money

App development gigs are always in demand on contractor sites like Freelancer. For longer lasting gigs that are more profitable, look to contractor sites that are more oriented towards the programming.

You can also develop apps and sell them online. A better bet is developing platform specific apps and putting them on offer at the platform’s store e.g. Android apps to sell on Google’s Playstore.

A computer and a connection to the internet is all you need for online jobs. You may be thinking the internet is vast and full of opportunities but how to make money? All sorts of businesses and individuals are looking for one skill or another and there are thousands of them. You can register at one of the numerous freelancer sites that connect freelancers and contractors.

Part time online jobs are the biggest chunk of available opportunities on the internet. Some skills are more sought than others. Sharpen your skills in technology skills like programming and networking and you will never lack for an online gig. Look for technical part time jobs on sites like Guru.

Workfrom home jobs are becoming a favorite with many people as they are more flexible and allow more independence. When looking for one, beware of conmen and charlatans who promise you jobs in exchange for money.